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The Country is on Fire

War on Info and Free Speech

Today’s episode we look at the totalitarian tactics of Big Tech silencing dissenters, the harassment of Candace Owens, and more.

Fascism and the American Left

Today’s episode is a list of characteristics that the American Left shares with Nazi Fascism.

Danger From the Left

In this episode we look at the dangers coming from the Left today, and what this could mean for the future of our nation.

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Immigration Distractions

In this week’s episode we discuss some of the major headlines today, including the massive distraction that is the immigration “crisis”, as well as the IG report, and more.

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Why I'm a Hip Hop Conservative

Today I discuss my evolution from a liberal to a conservative, and the reasons for that change. Much of this has to do with an understanding of the revolutionary ideals of America’s founding, and how those ideals of freedom came from the Bible.

As usual, we also cover some of today’s headlines from the perspective of a conservative and in light of Bible prophecy, with a hip hop flare. Enjoy the show!